Terrazzo & Granito


Granito is a floor covering consisting of fragments of natural stone and coloured marble combined with cement and polished to a shiny natural stone finish.

Dating back to antiquity it came to prominence in the Middle Ages, notably in the 13th century in Northern Italy, and Venice in particular, from whence the name “Venetian mosaic”.

For the next seven centuries it was produced almost exclusively by craftsmen from Frioul in North-Eastern Italy due to their incomparable expertise handed down from generation to generation.

Our terrazzo is produced by craftsmen in various sizes up to 1.20m x 1.20m. The decorative tiles in 20cm x 20cm  size can be personalised according to the clients wish in any of the colours in the range.

Terrazzo Bricks

Terrazzo Camaguey

Terrazzo Vinales

Terrazzo Havana